Immigration and National Security

Securing the Mexican border and reforming our immigration system is Tim's foremost concern. A country without borders is no country at all, and years of unchecked illegal immigration have brought crime, drugs, and gang violence into our communities. Tim will work to keep us safe by finishing the border wall and cracking down on deadly, lawless sanctuary cities.

Health Care

Fixing America's health care system starts with addressing the problems that have made it so expensive. Easing restrictions on health insurance companies will lead to competitive prices, and a series of tort reforms will be necessary to reduce the onerous insurance that doctors themselves must carry.

School Choice

Public schools in America are failing, and our children are paying the price. The solution is to empower parents to make decisions about their own children's education, by giving them the freedom to send their children to the best schools of their choice. Tim supports the promotion of charter schools and magnet schools with education pathways that prepare students for the 21st century world.

Gateway Program

The Gateway Program is necessary to keep New Jersey (and America) moving, and Tim is committed to seeing it through. Tim will take on the role of a watchdog against waste, fraud, and abuse to ensure that the project is finished on time and under budget.

Economy and Jobs

The Trump administration's emphasis on renegotiating trade deals, easing regulations, and opposing tax increases has taken the economy to new heights that previous presidents thought impossible. Tim will be tireless in promoting free-market values that remove red tape and reduce the burden on the middle class. America will never have a socialist economy.


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